Letters From a Skepticby Gregory and Edward Boyd   This is an excellent book for honest, hard-hitting questions and answers.  Ed Boyd, the atheist father of Christian scholar Gregory Boyd, poses most of the toughest questions commonly asked about Christianity, and pulls no punches.  His son's answers, while not perfect, are as good as anything I could come up with.
  You can pick this up at Amazon, and probably any other large bookseller.

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Mere Christianityby C.S. Lewis   He's smart, that's all I have to say.  Really smart.  He basically takes a logical path from observing human behavior and reasons out why it makes sense to believe in God.  His reasons are pretty clever and thought-provoking, and he speaks in a way that makes sense.
  Again, I think you can pick this up almost anywhere.
Who Moved the Stone?by Frank Morison   Frank Morison set out to write a book disproving the Resurrection of Jesus, and in his researches of the historical facts, found that the evidence supported the Resurrection. And now we have this book. For those of you that are nit-picky, this book is very detailed. For those of you that are not, you may find it slow reading.
  This book is available at most large booksellers.

Links to Other Apologetics Websites:
The Christian Thinktank
Great site, especially for those who prefer more detailed and researched and philosophical answers, compared to my off-the-cuff reasoning. Insights into daily life also top-notch. Don't be turned off by the simple page design. =)
Stand to Reason
I really like what I've seen of this site so far. There are a lot of radio transcripts of this one guy's show. Most if it is directed toward Christians who want to know how they can answer questions that others bring up. Very logical and understandable.
Answers in Action
A good site with attempts to address current and relevant issues such as urban legends, Halloween, etc. Also some material on cults.
Christian Answers Network
So... slow... to... load... but there are good (if brief) answers here on many subjects, especially science-related questions.

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