This is a site run by me, an individual, and Christian, in order to answer frequently asked questions about Christianity. This site is not officially affiliated with any church or organization.

The FAQ section consists of a table of contents containing some of the most frequent questions I have heard regarding Christianity, and links to answers. The answers I give are (I hope) logical, but not comprehensive, and I tend to stay close to everyday, "common sense" reasoning, and not towards more scholarly and philosophical considerations.

If you prefer to go into more detail, I have some links and references to other sites and authors who are more comprehensive than I have been. My intent is just to offer an overview.

This site is intended both for people who are Christians and people who are not. I am hoping Christians will be helped by having reasons to believe what they do, as well as having some doubts and questions answered, and being able to answer questions that others have put to them. I am hoping that people who are not Christians will be able to find answers to questions and perhaps be a little surprised at how Christianity is different from popular portrayals.

Page last updated 4/28/02.